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Maxput (MAXimum outPUT).

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Story about Maxput

Vandana Patel

A creative consultancy

Vandana Patel founded the company in 2016 after over 20 years of experience working for companies such as Motorola, Yahoo, and a start-up company Agrible. Some of Maxput's clients include Land O' Lakes, Water Renewal LLC and Maxput has closely worked with FTM ( during their FTM3.0 development phase.

She also has experience creating metrics and tools for ag retailers for onboarding on the Gigaton Challenge by Walmart. She has personally created various metrics for Agriculture Sustainability projects. She carries a tremendous amount of experience understanding agriculture customer needs for better engagement platform. Her experience has taught her that one must provide a superior product in order to remain competitive in the Ag e-commerce market. Therefore, tremendous effort, energy, and focus are provided to ensure her clients are always the leader in their respective area of business.

Vandana's team has over 20 years of total experience working on web development and over 10 years on eCommerce platform development and support. At Maxput, we know what works and what needs to be adjusted to support the requirements.

At Maxput, we always have used dedicated developers and consultants to support our clients. This focus on one client ensures that our clients will always be the top and main priority at all times. As necessary, we will build a 24-7 support team for each client for on-going feature enhancement and maintenance of the platform.

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Our Services

Agriculture Technology Consultant

If you are in need of technical software development assistance or advice from an Ag Tech consultant, look no further. Reach out to Vandana to discuss your Ag Tech ideas to understand what Maxput can do for your company. Maxput believes the field of agricultural technology closely resembles the dot-com boom of the 90's. There exists substantial open data available that can be harnessed and taken advantage of to help agriculture companies grow and expand their services and client base.
Maxput helps Agtech startup by advising the scientific members, founders in most cases to develop their products and help place necessary development processes and tools in their SW development cycle.
Maxput also provides software development assistance to the Agtech company of all sizes. Maxput guarantees each client will be assigned a dedicated team of software developers who will work ONLY on that particular client's needs, not juggling many other assignments. This client-focused commitment will make your ideas become reality.

Multi Store E-Commerce Platform

Our eCommerce software supports multi-store implementation. This means that you can launch multiple eCommerce stores using a single user interface and a single back office. We create unique online stores for B2B, B2C, affiliates, co-branded stores and more. For the multi-store eCommerce implementation, our custom software solution provides the scale and flexibility necessary to create your unique user engagement platform.

Website Development

We provide web development services that combine technology with business concepts to help make your website user-friendly. With expertise in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, React, Angular, Wordpress, Shopify, Opencart and Drupal, our web developers create easy to use websites. Keeping the latest web technology, our team strives to provide you with what works best for your business.
Our inviting and compelling web design and architecture will result in a higher conversion rate, thus directly increasing revenues.

Mobile Application Development

We provide cross-platform mobile application development solutions for Android / iOS / Windows phones. We also provide native mobility solutions for eCommerce, content distribution, CRM, and ERP.

Software Application

We provide software development services for web portals, eCommerce stores, content management software & customized web applications to automate your business workflows such as CRM, project management software or HR management solutions.

SEO and website traffic

We develop SEO friendly websites and implement online strategies to increase your web presence over your competitors. In addition, our monitoring tools will seemlessly aid with making on-demand changes to increase your web traffic.

Agile Project Management

Agile is an approach to software development under which requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams and their customer/end user.

Free Consultation

We provide a free, no obligation, expert consultation to discuss how Maxput can help your business grow and prosper. Call or email to schedule a consultation.

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Our key skills

We have years of experience in the industry. We know what works and what needs to be adjusted to support the requirements. We always provide dedicated developers and consultants to support our clients. Your company will get undivided, 100% attention and effort from a dedicated team assigned to you by Maxput. This focus on one client per team assigned ensures that you, the client will always be priortized throughout. As necessary, we will build a 24-7 support team for each client for on-going feature enhancement and maintenance of the platform.

Agriculture Technology Competency 98%

eCommerce Platform Development 98%

Website Design and Development 98%